Gallery 33 - who we are

Gallery 33 - who we are

Posted by Terri on 1st May 2020

We are a family business based in Alice Springs, right in the heart of Australia. We have grown up surrounded by the great Australian desert which has been lived in and navigated by Aboriginal people for so long. We love the connection that Aboriginal people have with their land and culture and their desire to share their stories with others. 

So Gallery 33 was born as a way to share with the world products that feature traditional and contemporary designs by Aboriginal artists from around Australia. We have sourced our products from companies that work ethically with their own artists or through art centres. Every product is produced under a royalty contract and proceeds from the sale of every product goes back to the artist and/or their community. Most products also provide the name and story of the artist and also a photo.

We also decided to sell original pieces of Aboriginal art as another way of sharing the Aboriginal culture. Each painting is a representation of the artist's story that belongs to them. Aboriginal people have stories passed down to them through the generations. The art we sell comes from an area north-east of Alice Springs, aptly named Utopia. 

We hope that you enjoy the products as much as we do and are as proud of Australia's Aboriginal heritage as we are.

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