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Wine lovers take note! These wine coolers not only look great but are very functional. Made from neoprene they help keep your wine at your desired temperature for longer and have a good quality handle so you can swing your wine over your arm, freeing your hands for the food. Bringing more than one bottle? Buy one of these coolers for each bottle!

The designs that are featured on these coolers are all artworks by Aboriginal artists from the Utopia area of Central Australia. There are so many designs to choose from you may have to buy more than one!

These wine coolers also make fantastic gifts to send away to friends and family as they are so lightweight and durable.

They are Australian Made and each piece is tagged with the artist's name and title of the artwork design.

Care: Machine washable on gentle cycle.

Measurements: 30cm (height) x 8.5cm (Diameter).

Royalties from the sale of each product goes back to the artist and their community.

Material: Neoprene.

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